Crop Protection Rip Off Compensation

Abusive monopolies squeeze America's farmers.

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    Pesticide manufacturers Syngenta Crop Protection and Corteva, Inc. allegedly payed distributors to block competitors from selling their cheaper generic products to farmers. This forces American farmers to spend millions of dollars more for crop-protection products.

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    The chemicals implicated by the investigation are below, followed by the brand name products:

    • Azoxystrobin – a broad spectrum fungicide. Brands include:
      • Heritage
      • Abound
      • Dynasty
      • Quadris
      • Vibrance
    • Mesotrione – a popular corn herbicide. Brands include:
      • Callisto
      • Lumax
      • Lexar
      • Zemax
    • Metolachlor – a widely used herbicide used on numerous crops. Brands include:
      • Bicep
      • Dual
    • Rimsulfuron – a widely used herbicide used on several crops. Brands include:
      • Dupont Resolve
      • Matrix
      • Resolve
    • Oxamyl – An insecticide and nematicide used on several crops. Brands include:
      • Vydate
      • Dupont Oxamyl
    • Acetochlor – An herbicide used on corn and other crops. Brands include:
      • Breakfree
      • Surpass
      • Keystone
      • Topnotch
      • Surestart
      • Resicore

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 10 state attorneys general have filed a complaint against Syngenta Crop Protection and Corteva Inc. for alleged anti-competitive practices in the sale of pesticides. The firms are accused of blocking cheaper generic products from reaching farmers through “loyalty programs” that pay distributors to limit business with competitor manufacturers. This lack of competition has allowed Syngenta and Corteva to inflate their prices, costing American farmers millions of extra dollars. The complaint aims to end this pay-to-block scheme and restore competition to affected markets.

    Our lawyers are taking the fight a step further by representing farmers who used the over-priced crop-protection products.  We are going after damages for farmers who were forced to pay too much by these monopolies.